Christ in Majesty

By: Cimabue

There is little written about this mosaic. It is credited to Cimabue, a famous sculptor from Florence, but only the head of Saint John was put together by him. This was his last work, as he died in Pisa later that year ("Piazza dei Miracoli").

To find this work from the Ponte Vecchio, walk west to the second bridge, Ponte alla Carraia. From take a right onto Via Dei Fossi. Walk straight until you see Santa Maria Novella on your left, keep to the right of the church and the S.M.N. train station will be visible on your left. Hop on the next train to Pisa. Once out of the train station, walk north on Via Francesco Crispi. This will take you to Ponte Solferino, which you cross and continue walking straight. The road bends slightly to the right and becomes Via Roma. Keep walking down this until you see the Leaning Tower. To the right of the tower is the cathedral. The mosaic is in the apse.

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